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The 597 species milestone

What Do the First 597 Global Fungal Red List Assessments Tell Us about the Threat Status of Fungi? — The first global review of the extinction risk of fungi and the threats they face is now out in Diversity, including a sub analysis for Europe.

IUCN Red List poster 2019
Click the image to download the full-sized poster in PDF format (10.3 MB)

Out now: the second episode of
Considering Fungi

The first episode:

Follow up the continuing series and related videos by Lichenized Productions on Vimeo.

The ECCF was founded

in 1985 and has some 80 representatives from almost all European countries countries, reflecting its European status. Its sole objective is to promote the conservation of fungi.

The ECCF aims to
  • promote the attention for the conservation of Fungi to all governmental bodies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as to politicians and mycologists
  • stimulate studies and publications on the changes in the funga on a local, regional, national and European level
  • stimulate studies and discussions on the factors and processes responsible for these observed changes in the funga
  • stimulate the publication of national and regional Red Data Lists of threatened fungi
  • promote international co-operation in research, monitoring programs and in the publication of an European Red Data List of threatened fungi
A brief summary of ECCF activities (1985-2023) is available on the Activities page.

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